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Convenience and ultra freshness combined in a glass

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Pott Cuisine's customers come from sectors such as the hotel industry, food service and collective catering.


With Pott Cuisine, any company can afford their own mini-cantine.


Pott Cuisine is the food innovation for pouring into a deposit glass which combines convenience and ultra freshness for the first time.

Pott Cuisine is simple, delicious and sustainable:

  • Easy handling
  • Large selection
  • Little food waste
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Just-in-time preparation
  • Warm and cold dishes
  • Haute cuisine in a pot
  • Zero waste thanks to glass jars with a deposit
  • BBD 5 to 7 days
  • Quality ingredients
  • Regional foods
  • Flexible consumption


The potts in the pink category represent our flagship: the hot dishes. They are infused with boiling water for heating. Simply follow the instructions.

The blue and yellow category pots are cold dishes ready to eat immediately without the need to add water!

Add boiling water

Stir vigorously

Close lid and shake

Wait 5 minutes

Enjoy straight out of the pott


Pott Cuisine offers food from the following categories. These can be effortlessly combined into an order of courses.


is the turquoise category. It includes all savory dishes that are cold and are ready to eat immediately. Salads, antipasti, cold dishes.


is the pink category, our signature dishes. Everything that is poured. Soups, pasta dishes, stews.


is the yellow category, our sweet tooth. The dessert, la fin du menu.


is the black category, our WürzBoom. The vegetable paste made from pure, fresh vegetables is suitable for seasoning and refining main courses, soups, sauces, dressings and much more. Vegan, without yeast, without anything. One jar (90g) is as rich as 4 jars of vegetable stock. Delivered directly from the store to your home - including quick recipe ideas for vegetables, fish and meat.


In addition to warming with boiling water from a kettle, it is possible to heat the pots in the fancy and fully automatic steamer from our SCRAEGG partners. 


With the help of air pressure and steam, it steams all our warm dishes of the pink category READY-TO-HEAT to perfection.


We have examined both the substantive and financial advantages of a cooperation with Pott Cuisine on a sector-specific basis.


To do this, please click on your own sector in the colored fields above or simply contact us directly.


Packaging waste was yesterday, zero waste is now.


To guarantee even more sustainability, we have recently changed our packaging to so-called yogurt jars.


The glasses can be returned directly to us as well as at a deposit machine of almost any supermarket. In this way, the pots are reincorporated into the established reusable recycling economy after each use.


In B2B catering solutions there is still the chance to sample dishes from our well-known pots. The deposit will then calculated afterwards and only in the event of losses.

Jasper Kolb

Hello Christopher, thank you very much for the great catering yesterday, I and everyone else really enjoyed it!

Jasper Kolb | Expert Lead Projects - Connected Retail | Zalando SE

Anne Theke

“I'm always on the go. As an athlete, healthy nutrition is extremely important to me. Until now, fast food and convenience have always been mutually exclusive. Thanks to you, no longer!”

Anne Theke | Fitness Influencerin and Coach

Kunde Event-Agentur

“Thanks for your great outdoor catering at Friedrichstrasse - our customer was thrilled. We'd gladly use you again any time!”

Customer Federal Ministry Event Agency | anonymous

Ingo Dwars

"Dear Pott Cuisine team, quite simply your culinary concept was well received by our guests during breaks at the Admiralspalast. Finally, a delicious alternative to ugly pretzels. Many thanks for a great - and superbly delicious - cooperation."

Ingo Dwars | Gastronomy Manager | Giferhorn im Admiralspalast Berlin

Nikola Bock

“The delivery of the food boxes went smoothly. All the treats arrived in time for our online meeting of board members. And: I personally love your couscous salad with asparagus and candied tomatoes!”

Nikola Bock | Event Manager | Agora Energiewende

Antje Weber

„Wir möchten nochmal herzlichen Dank für eure wunderbare Workshop-Verpflegung sagen. Danke für das leckere, gesunde, vegetarische und frische Essen - herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem tollen innovativen und nachhaltigen Food-Konzept. Auch im Namen aller Teilnehmenden ein großes Lob und Dankeschön, alle waren mega happy. Für das nächste Camp fragen wir euch natürlich direkt wieder an!“

Antje Weber | Gesellschafterin Hilfswerft gGmbH und Projektleitung Inklupreneur

Janine Korbaniak

"The pots were the highlight of our digital event and the enthusiasm of the team was great. The deposit system is the icing on the cake of this sustainable idea."

Janine Korbaniak | IBB Business Team

Alexander Flitsch

"Dear Pott Cuisine Team, your Potts are a hit at our label meetings. I especially love your pasta funghi with truffles, yum!”

Alexander Flitsch | Senior Label Manager | Paradise Distribution

Shelley Lui

"Pott Cuisine has really helped me in situations where I haven’t had much time to think about food that caters well to guests. When I am stressed out during the preparation of an exhibition, you guys really lifted a weight off my shoulders - all while being nutritious and tasty at the same time!”

Shelley Lui | Artist & Creative Director

Paul Gersenberger

“Pott Cuisine is a perfect addition to our canteen offering. In addition to the taste, our employees and patients love the flexible and practical preparation."

Manager | Hospital Food Supply | anonymous

Björn Burkhard

"I've never had so little to do on a birthday. In the future we'll only do it like this.”

Björn Burkhard | Private Catering

Joel Harmsen

"The ideal catering for the artists and DJs at our events!"

Joel Harmsen | Label Partner | Solid.am

Nuran Aykurt

"Customer catering of the highest level - the Potts were the hit at our strategy workshop. Anyone who is so well looked after is also able to think creatively.”

Nuran Aykurt | Manager, Retail | cebewe+ Retail Consulting

Antionio Montemurro

"We booked the Potts for our childrens' birthday party in the garden. Great dishes for both young and old. And for us as hosts it was just very, very practical.”

Antonio Montemurro | Private Catering

Petra Griesser-Strobl

"As specialists for events in rural areas we attach great importance to sustainability, which is why we're very happy to offer the Potts from Pott Cuisine as part of our catering. What’s more, [their] warm meals are just as practicable in a classic conference location as at an event in the vineyards!”

Petra Griesser-Strobl | Head of Events (Austria) | rent a village by Xnet

Mark Kaldenbach

"I can never decide between Potts because I think they're all so tasty."

Mark Kaldenbach

Suzan Sari

“Sometimes a day needs to be 48 hours long. So much the better when you can get support and healthy nutrition in both professional and private contexts, even in stressful times.”

Suzan Sari | Unternehmerin und Mutter

Daniel Bosch

“Pott Cuisine has convinced us! The portions are just right for lunch, they taste great and are quick to prepare. They taste as if they've been freshly cooked even after being stored in the fridge, even days later.”

Daniel Bosch | Head of Startup Dealflow | Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

Bernd Krause

“Your mini canteen is not only delicious, it also helps to strengthen our team spirit. Simply awesome."

Bernd Krause | Managing Partner | Designhaus Berlin

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