+++ Pott Cuisine continues to offer a full range of cold & warm catering that conforms to the highest hygiene standards +++

Easily and quickly finalised, Pott Cusine is a dish that is created tailor-made to your needs.

With Pott Cuisine you're getting the best of all worlds, slow food fast, without remorse!


All premium ingredients are prepared as cold, warm or hot dishes by our Guide MICHELIN and Gault&Millau awarded chef following the standards of the haute cuisine.


Each pott consists in a meal that's ready within 5 minutes, just infuse with water (except for our salad dishes), stir, wait a sec, enjoy straight of the pott!


We don’t produce packaging waste-our Potts are sanitized and reused between orders to help conserve the environment and ease your conscience.

How does it work?

The potts (jars) in the blue category are cold dishes and for immediate consumption – no added water needed!

The potts (jars) in the yellow and pink category will be your "5 minutes cuisine" within 5 easy steps, simply follow the instructions.

Add boiling water

Stir vigorously

Close lid and shake

Wait 5 minutes

Enjoy straight out of the pott

How does it work with the deposit system?

Each pott has a 2 Euro deposit regardless of its size.

If you order regularly we'll just swap out the potts, for catering B2B we will calculate the deposit only based on loss or breakage during the event.

How do you get your Pott?



When catering with Pott Cuisine rest assured it follows all hygiene standards and has many more advantages:

- contactless catering 
- no queues 
- cold & warm dishes
- preparation a la minute 
- easy handling 
- savory and sweet dishes 
- 2 serving sizes
- you only need a kettle for prep

You can find mouth-watering dishes on our menu  or let us know if you have a special request. Shoot us an e-mail or call +49 174 9418666


You can book our food truck potti along with your catering. The catering will then take place outside which of course in the current situation guarantees even more safety.


During the warm season you'll find our potti on tour at different locations throughout Berlin, for more info please check Instagram or Facebook.



Pott Cuisine is the dish; consider us, so-to-speak, the ingredients. Our humble wish is to make the world a little better, a little more sustainable, a lot more healthier and by no means least, a lot tastier with our product!


Born, raised and trained in the land of tourism and high-end gastronomy (we're talking Austria here), Christopher made himself at home in Berlin a few years ago. After several years of skirmishes on the international event and project management front, he is now finally pursuing his real passion: Food! With Pott Cuisine he is breaking new ground, developing this innovative product from scratch. Together with Raphael and his kitchen team, he creates tailor-made, charismatic pot dishes; he is the economist who can 'cook up a storm' just as well in corporate management.

RAPHAEL Chef de (Pott-) Cuisine

When our Raphael is not busy working on the first Michelin star for the restaurant »Dae Mon« (maybe a dream, but who are we to argue with Martin Luther King?), he also designs the dishes for our innovative food concept here at Pott Cuisine. Before you even get to, he is putting high demands on himself. The quality of his creations are reflected in his career thus far: in addition to several renowned restaurants, he also worked as head pastry chef in the Michelin 2-star restaurant »Reinstoff«. With guaranteed attention to detail, every dish is optimized to perfection in what we consider to a magician's lair, but he calls his kitchen. The cuisine at Pott Cuisine is a challenge, something to which Raphael rises, every time. Exactly the man for the job - proficiency and passion.

MAREN Co-Founder

Maren has a sweet heart but a mind as sharp as a Santoku (that's a sushi knife to you and me). She has worked as an art director for well-known agencies and is our expert in all aspects of marketing and design. In addition to corporate communication skills, Maren keeps a critical, analytical eye on our dishes. She impresses with her creativity and keeps the aesthetics and identity of Pott Cuisine constantly in her wide, one could say panoramic, view. Maren; heart and soul of Pott Cuisine and as mad as a box of frogs to boot!

STEFAN Co-Founder

Restaurant owner, organizer of numerous major events in high-end gastronomy, Stefan is our networker, Berlin denizen and all round 'good egg', always living life to the full with all his senses. From employee catering to haute cuisine, Stefan's experience stretches across the entire range of culinary catering in the event and gastronomy sector. As a passionate 'foodie', Stefan is constantly learning – not only can you taste this wealth of experience in every single pot, every other sense gets involved too: sight, smell, hearing and touch.


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